32, 5'5", New Englander, INFP, vegan, yogini, pro-life, cat lover, college graduate, employed, NASCAR enthusiast, all about the rock, types at 90 WPM, jam-packed with useless trivia

Likes: Michael Waltrip, NASCAR, yoga, TMNT, matchbox twenty, My Chemical Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lennon Murphy, Blue October, original Star Wars trilogy, my cats, writing, daydreaming, road trips, fanfiction, psychology, ancient Egyptian mythology, Myrtle Beach, Inside NASCAR, the SPEED channel, creativity, mikeypower.com, Live Journal, rock music, X-Files, autobiographies

Dislikes: arrogant stupidity, wrecks, gossips, New York Yankees, feeling overheated, small enclosed spaces, teeth on yarn, knees, balloons popping, loud sudden noises, the reality TV trend

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8 MWR drivers drive for Mikey

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